What We Do


For anyone that has ever started a business or dreamed of working for themselves, the hurdles to entrepreneurship can seem insurmountable.  From doing the paperwork to start a business to sell goods or services; to setting up bank accounts and accounting systems; to buying the equipment and supplies that make the business go often keep many folks from following their dreams.  In other cases, people have great ideas for small businesses but cannot get access to working capital because they don’t have a good financial track record or don’t have a means to back up a loan.

We do so by investing in programs that provide mentorship, offer unique low-interest micro-loan programs or by direct grants to organizations to help create jobs.

Elisha Project

The Elisha project is a local food rescue program distributing 400,000 pounds of food on a weekly basis to 50,000 families throughout Rhode Island’s BIPOC communities.

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RI Black Business Association

Rhode Island Black Business Association is committed to providing dynamic leadership, advocacy and economic empowerment to strengthen and promote sustainable growth and prosperity within Rhode Island’s underserved communities.

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