03 Sep 2021

POC Law School Scholarship


Jessica Andrade says on her very first day of a summer internship with a criminal prosecutor, she watched as people she had gone to high school with were brought into the criminal justice system.  By the end of the summer, it had happened so frequently, she “had a pit in her stomach.”  In seeking the POC Law School Scholarship, administered by the RI Bar Association Foundation, Jessica wrote: “Seeing my classmate fight for his freedom on that first day of my internship was a pivotal moment because it gave me clarity about what my calling in life is.” The daughter of Cape Verdean immigrants talks with POC Advisory Board Member and lawyer Maria Goncalves about why her commitment to law school is much deeper than a professional venture.

2023 Recipients

Sofia DeSimone and Lauren Arthenayake, two powerful young women of color who aspire to create change, are the recipients of the Papitto Opportunity Connection Law School Scholarship.

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