02 Aug 2021


Tyler Corwin

The Center for Southeast Asians (CSEA) works to promote the prosperity, heritage, and leadership of Southeast Asians in Rhode Island. Grounded by the history and rich traditions of the many cultures that encompass this community, CSEA provides a comprehensive variety of direct service and outreach programs, which include Rent Relief, a meal program for seniors, free tax preparation services, case management, SNAP application assistance and enrollment, health insurance navigation, parent engagement, victim assistance, literacy, and workforce development programs. Also, as important, CSEA is engaged in research and policy work, which has established CSEA as an authoritative voice representing the communities we serve and a trusted partner for state, and local government agencies.

Today, CSEA is the central hub of SEAs’ cultural affairs and is regarded by many of the Southeast Asians living in Rhode Island as their primary support system for help in navigating our state’s governmental, healthcare, human services, legal and financial services systems. In addition to a variety of free programs, CSEA operates a fee-for-service International Language Bank (ILB), which provides in-person and over-the-phone interpretation, document translation, and 24-hour emergency services from qualified experts. Funding from the Papitto Opportunity Connection will allow CSEA to continue and expand its current initiatives focus on improving health and well-being outcomes for Rhode Island’s Southeast Asian community.

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