02 Aug 2021

Haircuts & Heritage

Tyler Corwin

One of the most unique and potentially narrative-changing projects that POC is investing in, is a pilot project called Haircuts and Heritage.  The primary goal: to provide haircuts and a comprehensive informational location for inner-city youth with a primary focus on: Health Care (health disparities in minority communities), Law enforcement (focus on recruitment of minorities and increased relationships) and Higher Education (pathways to successful educational opportunities). This unique collaboration between Barbers, Healthcare providers, Law enforcement and Higher Education providers will be the backdrop of one of the most underestimated services for a BIPOC youth or young adult, a haircut.

Students will be selected from partnering middle and high schools in Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls in accordance with their grades, behavior and good deeds. Students will receive an electronic approval by text that they have been awarded the Haircuts & Heritage Badge of Honor. Through scheduled appointments, the staff will provide VIP hair grooming service and conversation to the student for their exemplary behavior in accordance to a teacher or administrative report. Students will have the ability to return multiple times and become silver, gold and platinum members of the program. The barbershop will be a hub for students trying to separate themselves from the crowd to better their lives.


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